How to make Clarified Butter (ghee) VIDEO

I love making clarified butter (or ghee as many use the two terms interchangeably) at home because it is so easy.  I cooking with ghee for most all recipes because of the high smoke point for this fat, which is up to 500 degrees and is great to use in any stovetop cooking.  Also, there a many digestive benefits to using ghee and most all French and Indian cuisine favors this oil.


1 lb. grass fed unsalted butter

1 small sauce pot

Put sticks of butter into the sauce pot and bring to a simmer.  As butter boils, it will start to separate and the milk solids will come to the top.  Skim off the white frothy parts leaving the translucent yellow butter behind.  Once you have skimmed off most of the milk solids, pour the melted clarified butter into a glass jar to cool.


Rose McGuire