MOVE With Me

Creativity is part of all of us and other than cooking, another way I express my creative side is DANCE. I love to move my body in many different ways and I've tried almost every workout out there. I keep coming back to dance though as it is more than just a workout, it is a true expression for me. Everyone should find a way to move their body that also moves their soul. For some it's an outdoor run or an intense weightlifting session and for some it is a soft yoga flow- whatever your passion to MOVE is, make sure you do it. And if your passion is DANCE also and you want to have some fun, keep reading...

I have studied over 30 years of ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, latin dance and my personal favorite- cardio hip-hop. Great for fitness groups looking to try something new, groups of friends, a birthday or bachelorette party or anything else you can dream up. If you are looking to have a fun private class with some friends or to learn a dance, I can come teach you!

you pick the song

You pick your dance crew

I choreograph Especially for you

I teach you so you can show off your moves



Ready to Get it crackin'?


Want to BooK BELLA LUX Entertainment?

My performing group does all kinds of events throughout San Diego and Los Angeles. Please check us out and think of us for your next entertainment event!

The Bella Lux was born from a fiery collective of dancers & performance artists in San Diego with talents ranging from burlesque, heels, hip hop, hoop, fire dancing, jazz, and more. With a genuine love of music, dance, and nostalgia, we bring the creativity & entertainment to your events. Whether we are channeling the 80s, Beyonce, or swinging back to the roaring 20s, our passion is to entertain, enchant, inspire, delight, and mystify.

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